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So what is a Trademark?

  • A Trademark is any combination of words, pictures, colors, sounds, smells, textures and possibly tastes that identifies goods or services in commerce as being your genuine product. It is generally any element that a producer can use to distinguish his product.

  • A Trademark can be as simple as initials or a symbol. It can be as complicated as the short movie that production companies like “Bad Robot” use.

  • The use of Trademarks originated thousands of years ago when producers of goods started to put a mark on their goods that identified the products as being their own creation. Widespread use of Trademarks began in the Middle Ages when trade guilds starting identifying their products with marks and devices that notified consumers that this product was produced by a particular guild.

  • Trademarks are most often made up of words or figures. However, a Trademark can be obtained within the realm of any the five senses; Sound, Sight, Smell, Touch and possibly Taste. (Although “Taste” is only hypothetical at this point.)

  • Trademarks are also possible for “Shape”, “Appearance” and “Motion”. Some “Shape” trademark examples would be the Coca-Cola bottle and Ipods. The Pizza Hut building is an example of an appearance trademark and the motion trademark of a chocolate orange falling apart into its separate segments is owned by Kraft.

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